10 Tips to Survive Your 1st Year Away from Home

They say it’s better to learn from others’ mistakes, but what if you don’t have time for that? You’ve just finished your first semester in student halls, maybe it’s been tough, or maybe it’s been the best few months of your life. Either way, we’ve prepared a list of top student hall survival tips that you should read, remember and preach! 1.   Get some good earplugs … Continue reading 10 Tips to Survive Your 1st Year Away from Home

Sometimes Good is Good Enough

As I write this I am on a train on my way home. I haven’t been home since the semester started and I haven’t actually told the fam that I’m coming back (thought it would be a cute surprise). I’m just hoping they haven’t secretly been using my room as a storage space or anything like that!

Today is International Women’s Day (this post will be going out a few days later) and I wasn’t going to mention it in this post at all, however I attended an event yesterday that made me change my mind. Continue reading “Sometimes Good is Good Enough”

8 Things I Wasn’t Told About University

In 2 weeks time I will have been at university for 6 months. I just figured that out and it feels weird to type it. How has it been that long already? Where did the time go? It only feels like I arrived to my halls a month or 2 ago. Life is weird.

Seeing as I didn’t expect to experience as big a change as I did, I thought I’d put together some of the things I didn’t get told about before moving away from home to study a degree.

Continue reading “8 Things I Wasn’t Told About University”