Sometimes Good is Good Enough

As I write this I am on a train on my way home. I haven’t been home since the semester started and I haven’t actually told the fam that I’m coming back (thought it would be a cute surprise). I’m just hoping they haven’t secretly been using my room as a storage space or anything like that!

Today is International Women’s Day (this post will be going out a few days later) and I wasn’t going to mention it in this post at all, however I attended an event yesterday that made me change my mind. Continue reading “Sometimes Good is Good Enough”

8 Things I Wasn’t Told About University

In 2 weeks time I will have been at university for 6 months. I just figured that out and it feels weird to type it. How has it been that long already? Where did the time go? It only feels like I arrived to my halls a month or 2 ago. Life is weird.

Seeing as I didn’t expect to experience as big a change as I did, I thought I’d put together some of the things I didn’t get told about before moving away from home to study a degree.

Continue reading “8 Things I Wasn’t Told About University”

With Creativity Comes Positivity

The last 2 weeks have been pretty busy. I’ve finally got back into writing my own music just as the workload from uni has seriously increased – typical! Amidst the late night recording sessions and shifts at work, I have been creating content for Unite Students (the organisation that owns the student accommodation I am staying in). I was asked to join their group of Student Content Producers after they liked the look of my blog! Although it might not seem like much, this is a big step in my quest to help students around the country when they’re hit with situations they didn’t expect. I’m hoping to reach out to more students and start to increase my online presence. After all, with the amount of time we spend on social media, we may as well do something useful with it! Continue reading “With Creativity Comes Positivity”

Something a little different

Usually, my positive moods don’t last for more than 48 hours tops. However, this week (with the exception of one break down) I’ve felt pretty damn good – which, for me, is kind of disconcerting! Having people reach out to me, explaining what they’re going through and how I’ve helped them know that they’re not alone, has completely boosted me. I know I’d written something … Continue reading Something a little different

Life Update: Back in Manc

So I wrote a couple of blog posts a while back about how I was struggling at university and how I had developed depression and anxiety since moving to Manchester.

Last time I wrote I had just come back home to London to spend the Christmas holidays with my family and get some good R & R. It’s safe to say I spent the majority of the three weeks in bed, catching up on sleep and feeling sorry for myself. On the days that I could get out of bed, I made an effort to catch up with friends and be as productive as I could. Being back in a familiar environment surrounded by an extremely supportive ring of people was very much needed and it definitely helped to relax me, which allowed me to gather my thoughts and work out the next step forward.  Continue reading “Life Update: Back in Manc”